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Hour Community TimeBank

Bringing Communities Closer together 1 hour at a time

Welcome to hOur Community TimeBank

What is a TimeBank?

A TimeBank is where a community comes together and supports one another.  Members of a TimeBank exchange skills, knowledge, talent and time.  We use time instead of money as a currency.  Everyone has talents and abilities to share: timebanking is a great way for people to benefit and learn from one another.For every hour you spend doing something for an individual or group, you earn one TimeBank hour.  You can use that hour to receive an hour of your neighbour’s time.

Everyone who joins, comes together for the good and brings the best out of everyone to exchange resources or skills. Through exchanging skills, time and knowledge we foster relationships of trust and reciprocity.   We harness the real wealth of the community and the value of each individual.

Earning time dollars

Timebanking is simple.  One hour of work earns one time dollar.  It doesn’t matter what skills are exchanged.  Everyone’s time is valued equally.  Your online timebank account keeps track of your time dollars that you can exchange for services offered by other members.

We all benefit

Timebanking benefits us all.  For example, members have helped each other get to the supermarket, fix bikes, learn languages and get job advice.  Others have shared their sewing, music, cooking and photography skills.  The possibilities are endless.  You can choose what you’d like to offer.

Who’s it for?

Anyone can join the TimeBank.  Members range from primary school children to elderly rest home residents, and every age in-between.  Everyone has something to offer.

Giving and receiving

We want to share our skills and talents and put them to good use.  Timebanking is a great way to meet people and value what we have to offer.

TimeBanking Core Values

We are all assets – Every person has something to contribute.

Redefining work – All kinds of work need to be honored and rewarded.

Reciprocity – Relationships are about giving and receiving. “You need me” becomes “We need each other.”

Social networks – People helping each other weaves communities of support, strength and trust.

Respect – All of us matter and are accountable to one another.


The Timebank story continues day-by-day!

For the latest news, updates and event information keep an eye on the Timebank blog and the Timebank Facebook page.