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About Us…

A bit of hOur Community TimeBank history

In 2014, a few dedicated and enthusiastic people, from the community and various local organizations, were inspired by the timebank concept and decided that this was something that the local area could greatly benefit from.

Community Meet and Greets were held with open doors so that the local community could participate in every stage of the Timebank’s development.  This community has shaped the way the hOur Community Timebank works for our own unique area.

In 2016, with more than 100 people waiting to join, we intially launched the hOurCommunity Timebank.  We are hugely grateful for the support of funding, a strong Board group, a team of volunteers, and the passion of who all helped to make this happen!

After our launch we were blown away with enthusiasm across Wausau.  People signed up from all over the city.   Six months after our launch, we have members across several cities and towns in the area.

Our membership is now growing strong.  We have begun to work with other community organizations, schools, rest homes and community centers to people across Wausau.

hOur Mission:


hOur Vision:


hOur Values: