We simplified the categories to make it easier.  Now you start with just 4 categories: Home, Work, Social and Everything Else.

The categories Home, Work and Social have sub-categories with suggestions of what might be listed under each one.  And there are repetitions all through the sub-categories and suggestions. . .

Offering your services

Consider this: you’re a gourmet chef and want to offer your skills to TimeBank members.  But where do you list gourmet cooking?

  • It could go under Home/cooking; maybe you want a date night at home with your spouse.
  • Or it could go under Work/Professional; after all, a gourmet chef is definitely a professional.
  • But wait, it could go under Social/Events too; can you imagine serving gourmet food at your next party?

Our suggestion: list it under all three – more people will be able to find you!

Here’s another situation: you are willing to drive people and things around the area.  Where do you list that?  How about all these places:

  • Home/Personal
  • Work/Office, Non Skilled and Skilled
  • Social/Personal Assistant, Personal, Entertainment and Sports

Can you see how this will increase your chances of people finding you in the TimeBank?

Looking for services

Let’s flip the coin and think about how to find a service.  What if you want a piano teacher for your kids?  If the piano teacher lists his/her services just under Work/Skilled, s/he could miss a lot of searchers.  So we’ve listed “Instructor – music, academic, etc.” under Work/Skilled, Home/Personal and Social/Personal.

It’s like increasing your odds and the chance to get help without needing money to pay for it. And that’s called a real win-win situation!