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How to Join

Are you ready to join us?

Follow these easy steps to begin:

1. You will need to fill out and return our Application.
Please email us at to request an Application to be mailed to you,
click the Membership Application button to print or feel free to call us about becoming a member.

You can reach us at 715-254-4282.

2. Grant us permission to perform a Background Check on the Application form.  This helps to ensure the safety of our members.  We will call you when we can move forward to the next step.  (Having minor convictions does not automatically exclude membership.)

3. Please provide us with the names and number of 2 references on the Application form.  We speak to references for each person who joins as one of our ways to keep members safe.

4. Then you will need to attend one of our New Member Orientations at one of our events or you may call us for an appointment.  Please check our Calendar for upcoming events.   If you can not attend an Orientation, we meet with you at your convenience.  The takes about an hour – we discuss Timebanking – why it is so amazing, the values and how it all works.  You are encouraged to complete the application prior to this Orientation.

These are a few things You’ll need to bring with you to a New Member Orientation:

  1. Wisconsin Drivers License or ID.
  2. $12 membership fee for a Single member, $24 membership fee for Family
  3. The names and number of 2 references.  We speak to references for each person who joins as one of our ways to keep members safe.  This is because members could be invited into one another’s homes.
  4. Review the member handbook before attending your orientation and use of the software.
  5. Ideas about what you can offer and what you might like to receive help with.
  6. That’s It.  Welcome to hOur Community TimeBank….You’re all set to Start Exchanging!!


Contact us at 715-254-4282:

Office hours: Monday – Thursday  8:00 am to 5:00 pm

*Regular email broadcasts will be sent introducing new members and their skills, and new offers and requests received.*

Email the Timebank Coordinator at: